Friday, May 2, 2014

In Class Revisions

I like what we have been doing in class. I feel as though my work has taken leaps and bounds from what it first was. Personally i like the revision process because its almost as if the story works itself out. You may look back and say this cant happen yet because it doesn't make sense. So then you create another scenario and the story has improved on its self. Half the stuff that happens in my stories i didn't originally think of. I just expanded on it and that's what it came to be. Also i feel that the groups I've been in were good criticizers. Though sometimes I disagree, I at least get a new view on my own work. To be honest i would be more scared and unsettled if i came in one day with a piece and everyone would be like "This is flawless." Then i would either have a real problem or a lot of money in the future. And both of those things can be bad.  

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